Fantasy in Notes

Dresden in the year 2000. F.I.N. is born in the first year of the new century, in an apartment on the outskirts of town – a musical project that would gain momentum quikly during in the following years. The men behind the magic are Uwe Zwiebler and Stefan Brockmann – passionate music enthusiasts and crafty sound mechanics, strongly influenced by the electronic music of the 2000s and artists like Björk, Portishead and Massive Attack.

After their first duo performance their need for vocal becomes clear. And luckily they quickly strike gold in the voice of Katharina Ivanow. As a trio F.I.N. performs inspired concerts in an around Dresden, including a collaborative light performance at the Albertbrücke with the Technical University or as a support act for Konrad Küchenmeister at Club Puschkin.

Especially the light performance appealed to the three and the idea developed, that F.I.N. woulb become more than a purely musical project. Uwe Zwiebler had already had experience as a VJ and so it was decided: their own performances were to be accompanied by visuals. The result was an elaborate signature stage of their own design, on which music and visuals were synchronized to achieve a symbiotic aesthetic. F.I.N: a 360 degree audio-visual experience.

F.I.N. redefined itself when Astrid Gotsch replaced Katharina Iwanow as a new vocalist. Astrid brought her experiences from the Dresden singer-songwriter scene to the band. New songs evolved quickly and their first album “Blowball” was produced shortly thereafter, an album received very well by Flux FM, among others.

In the meantime F.I.N. has expanded to a project reaching across Germany: the band members hail from Berlin, Kassel and Munich. They keep in close touch in spite of the distance and produce new sonic fragments, sketches and polished tracks long-distance. Of course, the three collaborators also meet personally to craft new sounds and songs. They have been so productive, in fact, that in the fall of 2015 they will release their second album “A Narrow Path,” revealing their musical developments and the growing maturity of the band.