Maltin Worf

After many years in search of a style Maltin Worf says his music is heavily influenced by hip hop, dubstep and juke. As a 16-year-old he quickly dismissed many of his musical experiments but today the artist from Dresden hones each track until he is completely satisfied.

His EP leaving sol III is solid proof with its rhythmic beats and powerful melodies. Four slow but intense tracks evoke the blissfully spent early morning journey home after a night on the town. The tracks are refreshingly saucy in spite of their leisurely flow. Elements like choir samples and sharp claps lend an almost galactic quality to Worf’s music and titles like blast off, zero gravity, milky way, and unknown objects support this effect.



Leaving sol III is an EP reminiscent of Flying Lotus, J Dilla and Comfort Fit. Give it a listen – we are looking forward to your feedback!